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Kevin Walsh

Kevin a Hippy in the 1960s


“When you’re 16 or 17 you don’t think you’re young. I was an adult. I was grown up. I was developing and questioning. And you think that’s what it is.

“I’ve not been served in shops and had verbal abuse from adults, being called a girl and all that sort of thing. Men with long hair was quite unusual… My hair was down my back to my waist”

“It gave me something to believe in, because I genuinely believed we should stop the war in Vietnam, we should stop the war in Ireland. I genuinely believed that capitalism was destroying the world. I genuinely believed in vegetarianism and animal welfare and all those sorts of things which were all tied into it…”

“There was the whole thing about cannabis and LSD and those things being associated with the hippy lifestyle which they obviously were… Unfortunately some people got involved in harder drugs and I do know quite a lot of people that have died through abuse of hard substances like heroin particularly in the 70s and again in the 80s.”

“I haven’t been puritan about drugs but I’ve certainly realised the dangers of drugs. I think I’ve been able to give my daughter good drug education based in first hand experience as opposed to what I’ve just read out of a book.”


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Julie Sellwood

Julie a Hippy in 1968



“I was a hippy around the 1968 era. It started when I heard the music of the Rolling Stones and also a bit later there was T-Rex, I really liked their music and all the long flowing clothes of the hippies, flower power”


“Mr Freedom” costume
“I bought it in
Carnaby Street or Kings Road… you can’t help but be noticed if you wear it”


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