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Liz Hazel

Liz a Goth and New Romantic in the early 1980s


“I used to be a Gothic, and I think they’re still around now but changed into Emos… We used to wear black all the time, back combed hair, dreadlocks, hair extensions, and for a period of two or three years I would only wear black and maybe a bit of red and no other colour”


“That was taken when I was fifteen in my goth gear with my hair extensions which I used to buy in Carnaby Street in London and then pin them in myself and take them out for school”


“That was my boyfriend I was with for about five years, and we used to go out on the street like this. We used to make our own – that was a papier mache, wire bodice thing that I made. We used to make them and then wear them out on a Saturday night”.


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