Youth Subcultures in Southend – the last 50 years


Breaking the Rules
A Multimedia Journey through Youth Subcultures by Young People from Southend

Breaking the Rules is a project organised by Relate South Essex and working in collaboration with Mediashed.org

Project Director: Cathy Taylor
Project Manager: Jonathan Fletcher

Mediashed members: Richard Wright, Matsuko Yokokoji, Graham Harwood, Stuart Bowditch, Damien Robinson, Olga Panades.

Participating Students:

From Focus Connexions:
Kieron Lee

From The Chase High School:
Ben Mount
Kane Cameron
Mica Seaby
Chloe Reynolds
Elizabeth Medhurst
Jennie Sinclair

From Futures Community College:
Simone Bell
Hollie Shayler
Georgia Reinecke
Lara Mercer
Annalise Dickinson
Lyndsey McCleave

From The Priory School:
Jordan Needs

And also:
From Futures Community College: Melissa Medway, Levi Campfield, Jamie Gwilym
From The Chase High School: David Francious, Lenny Drapper, Michael Whaley

Thanks to Lowell Weir at The Priory School, Kevin Walsh at Focus Connexions, Kevin Bainbridge at The Chase High School, Sarah Lester at Futures Community College

Thanks to: Julie Sellwood, Sylvia Groom, Mick Bray, Lee Samuels, Elizabeth Beadle, Liz Hazel, Mark Hillier, Martin Dodd, Kevin Walsh, Birnie Blunt, Eileen Hawkes, Jane Gledhill, Tracey May

Thanks for costumes: Jean Goodson, Peter Goodson, Jacquee Storozynski, Julie Sellwood, Peter Sellwood, William Bray, Jenni Bray

Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Relate South Essex Tel: 0845 2709401

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