Tracey May

Tracey almost became a Metal Head in the early 1980s

“I was very boring as a teenager, particularly when it came to music… Instead of hanging around I would either stay at home and study or watch telly”.

“I did have strict parents but I also had a father who was very interested in nature and science so he would take us out on camping holidays. We did a lot of going to the beach, midnight fishing, me and my sister.”

“A lot of crimpolene. That seemed to be the in thing at the time. It was very bright colours. There’s a lot of it coming back now, which is really quite depressing for me, it reminds me too much of it. We had a lot of flares going on. We used to have hot pants at the time… they were really short dungarees that you wore… very cute clothes we used to wear”.

“I liked Pink Floyd, Meatloaf, and hard stuff. And if I was going to do that as I got older I probably would’ve gone into metal music. I do actually play the drums… It was a secret thing. I had to be really cute on the outside but I did like my drums.”


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