Jane Gledhill

Jane was a New Romantic for a month

“I went through a stage when a lot of us liked David Bowie.  We all had our hair cut really spiky with long bits at the back. Only lasted about a month and then we had to grow our hair back because our school wouldn’t allow us to go to school like it.”

“[my sister] when she was at university she became very punky and had all her ears pierced and nose pierced and everything pierced. But again that only lasted about a year”.

“I never got into that dress code. I wasn’t allowed. My parents were quite strict. Which was a very secure childhood because we all knew where we stood… our parents paid for it so if they thought it was unsuitable they wouldn’t buy it for us”.

“I used to sail. So we used to hang around either at the yacht club or hang around down at what is now LA Fitness”.


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